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Experience a Sampling of A Simple Herstory

A Theatrical Podcast

September 23, 2023, 1:00 p.m.
Experience a Sampling of A Simple Herstory onstage at the FREE Theatre Week Kickoff Fest
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Avant Bard has collaborated with A Simple Herstory to bring the award-winning podcast onstage during the FREE Theatre Week Kickoff Fest at Arena Stage on Saturday Sept. 23 (the festivities begin at 1:00 p.m.–see the link above for schedule). Avant Bard’s Sara Barker will join podcast creator Jocelyn Kuritsky onstage as they embody characters from the award-winning podcast and play clips. Adding live music to the 30-minute event will be local composer-songwriter Sarah Fridrich, who has collaborated with Avant Bard in the past. The trio brings this performance straight from this summer’s Arlington County Fair–see the DC Theater Arts story for details!


Herstory telly award

In 2022, A Simple Herstory partnered with the Tony Award winning company, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, for their Quills Fest, now a recipient of a 44th Annual Telly Award for Immersive & Mixed Reality!

Herstory at the Arlington County Fair

Avant Bard brought a sampling of A Simple Herstory to the Arlington County Fair accompanied by musician-composer Sarah Fridrich in August 2023.


See for podcast credits.

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